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Recap: Fourth of July Weekend in Colorado!

My sister and law and her (now) fiance came to stay with us over 4th of July weekend.  It was a great extended weekend that we crammed full of touristy Colorado events.

I love seeing my sister in law for the very superficial reason that she and G. are fraternal twins–the sort of fraternal twins that all parents dream of.  One girl, one boy. One with dark, one blond etc… I know they will hate these photos, but I love catching my husband and his sister in action.

Day 1: We hiked Indian Peaks.  I loved this hike because it wasn’t too strenuous or vertical (meaning I could train the dog on ‘checking in’), the wildflowers were GORGEOUS. Oh, and I got to witness my future brother in law proposing to my sister in law.  It was a beautiful proposal.  We were in a field of wildflowers and he asked us to take a picture of them.  As G. was taking pictures, he got down on his knee and proposed!! I wish I had taken more pictures throughout the hike, but as I was too occupied yelling, “eh eh! check in! eh eh! check in!”  (Yay! Dogs!)


Only shot I remembered to take, of J’s new ring!

Then, we drove to Colorado Springs.  We went to the Colorado Wolf Sanctuary.  While I loved seeing wolves up close and admiring their similarities to dogs, I wish I had learned more during our tour about how wolves actually live in the wild.  I guess the point of the tour was to educate us as to how wolves are mistreated and to break down any stereotypes of them as scary creatures.  These wolves were definitely not frightening. They responded to their names and “treat” just like Lattice does!

005 004 003 002

And lastly, Garden of the Gods! It was really beautiful, but unfortunately the weather was a bit drizzly, so we didn’t stay long.

023 208 031 006

Day 2:  We went to the Denver Botanical Gardens followed by the Denver Nature and Science Museum.  At the Denver Botanical Gardens they are having an amazing Chihuly exhibit right now.  His blown glass is integrated right into the flower displays making it incredibly colorful, organic, and beautiful.

017 015016   013   238 241233 244 249 012008014 009 011010  225

Day 3: We hiked a 14’er, Beirdstat.  We did not make it to the top, unfortunately.  The hike itself was pretty easy, but the altitude was a real killer for our guests.  Between J. and B. feeling ill due to the altitude and a potential storm coming in, we decided to turn around before the last big scramble to the top.  The only animal not bothered? Our dog, Lattice. He pulled us up and down.  Incredible.   It was also really cool seeing succulents in the wild.

019 285


Overall, it was a great trip.    I particularly liked the hikes and the Denver Botanical Gardens and want to do both again.  We managed to avoid the terrible crowds that I’m sure were at Rocky Mountain National Park and/or Maroon Bells (part of our original itinerary).  So, while it’s wicked hard to figure out which, of one million things, there are to do on a trip to Colorado, I would highly recommend everything we did (minus Beirdstadt, you aren’t acclimated)!




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