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Website: Go Fug Yourself

I was recently looking at pictures from the Met Gala.  My reactions to the dresses ranged from (oooh)  to (meh) to (really?)

But, when I got to the picture of Katie Holmes, my jaw dropped. Her dress was so hideous, her hair so terrible, I actually could not believe someone had let her out of the car dressed like that. Doesn’t she have a daughter?  I would never have let my mother leave our front door in a dress like that, even as a 5 year old.

In case you missed it:


At this point I actually googled: “Reactions to Katie Holmes Dress”  because I was curious to see if others had the same horrified reaction that I did. What came up in my google search was the website “Go Fug Yourself

This is what Go Fug Yourself had to say: “Everything about this looks like it was wadded up in a closet and forgotten about until five minutes before curtain. INCLUDING HER HAIR.”  Yes. Spot on.  

Needless to say, I spent the next hour on the website giggling and nodding over the fashion commentary.  It’s a really cute and humorous website, that is definitely perfect in its reactions to fashion, so go check it out!





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