Singular Home

Hello WordPress world :-)

I’m back.

I took a little blogging break.  But, I promise it was only because a lot of exciting things have been happening and I’ll have lots of pictures and stories to share over the next coming weeks.

First, my husband got a job in Colorado! I left my job to pack our apartment up and move us across country.  We drove out to Colorado (which was drama in and of itself due to an engine light problem midway through our trip) and have spent  the past few weeks settling into our new apartment.  So far, we love it here.  My husband is happy in his job and I love the blue skies, space, and all the opportunities to get outside and be active.  Job searching is never fun but it’s giving me a chance to brainstorm some future career moves and I’ve gotten the chance to pick up old hobbies that were difficult to maintain with a job, namely running longer distances.

As an ode to New Haven, before I left I went through our mostly empty apartment and snapped a few photos.  Our apartment in New Haven was derelict, but G. and I will have stories to tell for the rest of our life.

Here are some of the highlights of  this apartment:

  • Before every tenant, they simple slapped a new layer of paint on the wall.  So, when I tried to hang up pictures in the bedroom, 10 layers of paint (or more) cracked and started to fall off!  We ended up having huge cracks on our bedroom walls and no pictures
  • We didn’t have a dishwasher and forget a washing machine or air conditioning
  • There were no outlets in the bathroom for a blow drier or electric toothbrush
  • In the bathroom, hot and cold water came out of different faucets.  I washed my face in the kitchen.
  • In the shower, there was a wooden shelf.  It of course started to rot.
  • The kitchen came with no counter. G. built us a counter.  Needless to say, I rarely cooked during our two years there.
  • Forget cleaning.  The place was so dirty to begin with, with all these nooks and crannies, cleaning did little.  The tub was so gross. I stopped trying.
  • There were no locks on our mailbox
  • There were random hooks everywhere (which ended up being useful) but it was definitely a little weird.

BUT, it did have interesting details that I suspect only an apartment with this sort of history could have.  I imagine every tenant came in, added a few things to make it workable for them, and then moved on.   Thus, our bright green kitchen, the hooks, a random shelf in the kitchen etc…etc…   So our apartment is a sum of all it’s previous tenets, which I think is neat.

There is something especially beautiful about an empty apartment, once lived in.  Something sort of lonely and unspoken, lives lived, arguments fought, lovers re-united, the walls witness to it all, always silent, always left in the end.




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