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India Arie-I Am Light

I am completely obsessed with this song, to the point that I have actually memorized the lyrics. I don’t think I’ve memorized lyrics since the Backstreet Boys were still popular (Backstreet’s Back, alright!).

I have this song memorized because it’s become such an integral part of how I cope. When I have a bad day or feel like I fucked up, I always turn to this song.  This song reminds me that, “I am not the mistakes I have made.”  When I can’t fall asleep at night, I remind myself, “I am not the voices in my head.”  When I start to blame my parents for who I am, “I am not the things my parents did.”

This song reminds me that my identity is so much more then the way I look and the things I’ve done, and that I don’t need to be weighed down by my past.

To use India Arie’s words, I am a being of light, a soul, an essence.

Despite living in a world that tends to make a one to one association between being valuable and being productive, I  am a being of love and worthy of love, simply because I am here in this beautiful existence.



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