Self Growth

Winter Thoughts

All I do in my free time these days is read Rumi.  What amazes me the most is this:  he composed his poetry while twirling in a circle.  A scribe was sitting in the room recording what he said. It was free flowing awareness.

If I was twirling in a circle this is what I would say (edit free)

Who am I?

What is this?

Am I supposed to know?

My head swims with images of policemen, nurses in their uniforms

Doctors with stethoscopes, veterinarians with dogs

Wasn’t I supposed to pick a picture out of the group

Years ago

Wasn’t I supposed to fold that picture and place it in my pocket

And let it guide my decisions

And sculpt me slowly


I feel as empty as a newborn

As far away from knowing

As the stars feel

As the sun feels

Wisdom guides

and Wisdom surrounds

but Wisdom is a substitute

for peace

and fulfillment

Wisdom is a way to understand lack

Love is the answer

I’m told

But I don’t know what means

Is it a feeling in my heart?

An awareness in my mind?

All I have in my mind are questions.

And no answers.

Can I live with only questions?

Can I live with no answers?

Can I live searching

And not finding?

Can I be free?

“Make peace with the universe. Take joy in it.  It will turn to gold.” Rumi



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