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I love this picture because this is pretty much how I operate:

My newest obsession is making my hair pretty.   See,  I have fine but wavy hair.  Too many products and my hair becomes flat.  Too few products and my hair becomes frizzy and pouffy.   My whole life I’ve vacillated back and forth between blow drying my hair every day and attempted to wear my hair curly/wavy.  I’ve never been entirely happy with either.


Pre-wedding when I was growing my hair out. Long, poorly defined waves, and flat.

Short, crappy waves, and flat

Short, ill defined waves, less flat but still not very nice.


Long and blow dried with leave in conditioner. This was probably my favorite but it took so much time.

blow dried and pouffy (and still flat on top, of course)

Blow dried and pouffy (and still flat on top, of course)

After spending 20 minutes last Sunday blow drying my hair and feeling increasingly frustrated by the the results, I decided to do a little googling. What does one do with fine but wavy/curly hair?

I ended up reading a lot of articles and finally bought the Curly Girl: The Handbook.   This book is a bible for curly girls and the devacurl movement is based on it.

The basic premises of Curly Girl: The Handbook, is that most products are damaging and drying for curly hair.  She argues that for beautiful, moisturized, and well-defined curls:

1. Shampoo should always be SULFATE FREE.  Sulfates are really drying and can be found in the ingredient list under sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, and sodium laureth.   Depending on how oily your hair is, you will only want to shampoo from 1-3 times a week.  Many people with curly hair move to “no-poo” or not shampooing at all.  While you may not shampoo, persay, you still want to massage your scalp every time you shower to release dirt.

2.  You don’t want your conditioner to have any silicone. It’s apparently made to repel water and prevents the absorption of moisture.  It can weigh down curls. You want to look for products that have a lot of moisture (oils, emollients, and humectants).  As I have very fine hair,  I am an exception in terms of a heavy/oily conditioner. I will probably look for a light volumizing conditioner.
3.  Products (mousse/gel) should not have short chain alcohols– ethanol, SD alcohol, SD alcohol 40, Alcohol denat, Propanol, Propyl alcohol and Isopropyl alcohol.  If your product has these it will suck the moisture out of your hair and lead to more frizzing long term.  Also, stay away from silicone and parabens in any products. 

She also outlines steps to increase bounce and curl.  Mostly, a lot of scrunching in and out of the shower.  After a week of following the curly girl steps outlined in the book (with a few changes for my fine hair like using mousse instead of gel), I was pretty disappointed by the results. I had more volume but a lot of frizz.


First day using no shampoo, with my old, heavy (oil filled) conditioner. Ok curls (better then ever before!), but little volume.

A week later--when I had switched a volumizing conditioner (which I later discovered had silicone in it)

A week later–when I had switched to a volumizing conditioner (which I later discovered had silicone in it). Definitely more volume but also more frizz.

So, I decided to get a devacurl consultation with a local hair dresser who specializes in curly hair.  She walked me through the hair care steps and made a few tweaks to the hair care steps I was following.

I learned you should put all products in your hair before you dry it. And, even for someone like me, with fine hair, gel is a must.  However,  I should only use a quarter sized amount!  Lastly she told me that I was better off using a good moisturizing conditioner then buying a volumizing one for fine hair.  She also showed me how to clip my hair and run my fingers through it.

Look at the difference those few tweaks made…  crazy.


Look what a huge difference an inch of hair and a slightly tweaked hair routine made!

I hope I am able to get the same results on my own! The one negative I noticed is that my scalp and hair felt cleaner using the volumizing conditioner.  My scalp is a bit itchy with all the product and no shampoo.  I heard itching for a few days when switching over to ‘no-poo’ is normal, so I’m hopeful it will stop.


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