Hiking The Long Trail

The title sounds like it should be a metaphor, doesn’t it?   Hiking the Long Train in life…hmm…

The Long Trail is a trail that runs through Vermont.  G. and I, never having backpacked before, but aspiring to be outdoorsy,  convinced two of our actually outdoorsy friends to take us backpacking for a weekend.  We could mooch off of their camping supplies and packing/cooking experience and enjoy a nice hike and view.  The plan was to camp for two nights and to hike for one afternoon,  one full day, and one morning. Perfect.

Well,  our friend S., who picked the trail and planned the hike, didn’t quite realize what a medium difficulty trail meant.  And we didn’t quite realize what backpacking meant.  Whoops.

When I first put the heavy backpack on I thought,  “ok, this is heavy, but I can handle this!”  Then, we started the hike.  It was straight scrambles, up and down, with complicated footing and often nothing to hold onto too.   Yikes.  I think the only one who loved the hike was G., who is a human mountain goat.  I was in pain pretty quickly but managed to persevere and did make it through the whole hike with no major problems except a seriously sore bum, from falling backwards on a slippery spot.

The truth is, I have never pushed myself to such limits before.  Would I do it again?  Not that trail. Never.  I couldn’t go up or down stairs for days afterwards!  But, I went further and faster then I ever thought I could.  Whenever anything seems difficult (warrior pose??!)  I just remember that hike.

And, it was actually fun at points (like when S. joked, “oh look, another rock to scramble over…) plus I learned a lot about camping. So, I’ll definitely go camping/backpacking again at some point.   As well, the views were incredible.   

See for yourself….


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