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Honeymoon 7 & 8: Munich & Homebound

On the last day of our Honeymoon, we decided to visit two highly recommended places in Munich–the Residenz and the Deutsches Museum, a museum of science and engineering.  On our way to those two sites, we wound around and viewed a few more noteworthy places in Munich.

I also, FINALLY, got a pretzel for a breakfast. I love that German’s eat pretzels (at least in Munich) like American’s eat bagels. This particular pretzel is filled with cream cheese and chives. Yum.

We walked by the Viktualienmarkt, where all manner of sausage, cheese, and other treats were sold.

Next, we passed by commemorative gold cobblestones. They commemorate the Germans who (passively) stood up to Hitler by avoiding a statue that he required everyone to salute at. By the way, these cobblestones were the ONLY thing we saw at all referencing WWII and Hitler. Everything else was torn down. Then we walked over to Odeonsplatz, a square with a loggia honoring Bavarian Generals and another church. We finished by walking through the Hofgarten, a little garden outside of the Residenz.

The Residenz was fantastic and ornate, a perfect dwelling for Bavarian royalty. Unfortunately, Genna and I misread the ‘no flash’ sign as ‘no camera.’  Boo.

Moving onto the  Deutsches Museum…

It was a gigantic museum, with large exhibits. G. kept saying he didn’t think American children could handle exhibits like that. Heck, I was an American adult, and I couldn’t either. They were very detailed, not always hands on and included equations!  However, it was really cool, even if I couldn’t learn much. The engines of the airplanes were displayed and the mining exhibit was a winding underground exhibit with lots of displays.

After the Deutsches Museum we went back to the hotel to nap and prepare ourselves for a last, late night hoorah, in Munich.

We went back to the hotel realizing how much we were going to miss our little trip. It was really fantastic and we loved everything we did.   The Romantic Road was wonderful and I highly recommend it. There is enough not to get bored, not too much that you are overwhelmed, it is beautiful and fun.  We really could have used a few more days, especially in the Bavarian Alps. As we were touring we were making plans on when we would be back,

“October, to see the leaves and go to Oktoberfest!”

“Christmas to see the mountains covered with snow!”

G. and I woke up early the next morning to be in the car by 9am for our 5pm flight in Frankfurt. Good thing we did. We hit bad traffic and got lost on the way, and didn’t make it to the Frankfurt airport until 2 hours before our flight.

Also, looking at the bathroom signs reminds me that I realized on this trip that all the German I know is from the movie Cabaret: “Meine Damen und Herren, Mesdames et Messieurs,
Ladies and Gentlemen! …..Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome
Im Cabaret, au Cabaret, to Cabaret.”

Anyways, I’ll leave you with some odds and ends pictures that didn’t really fit anywhere. <3



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