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Honeymoon 6: Munich

Munich, a large city, was definitely a little daunting to navigate after all the wonderful little towns we’d been traveling through. But, we started with a Munich classic. We waited at the foot of the New Town Hall to see the Glockenspiel at 11:00am. This picture was taken before it started.  Admittedly, it was a little anti-climatic in this age of 3-d movies and robot toys. I mean these little figurines turn around to bell music and you get a crick in your neck watching them… But, it was worth it just to say we’d done it.

As it looked like it was going to rain, we took the subway to the Alte Pinakothek, the “Old Art Gallery.”  We picked up an audio guide.  As G. pointed out after a few rooms, for some reason the audio guide was only commenting on Jesus paintings (ok. yes, most paintings in the Baroque and Renaissance era were Jesus paintings, but not all). G’s theory is that the audio guide was themed and we picked up a Jesus theme day. I’m not so sure about that.  Also, with three to four paintings in each room, and over 30 rooms, it was a bit unwieldy.  If I were to go again, I’d just go and admire the paintings.

After the museum, we stopped for a quick pastry lunch…

…and then tried to climb the tower St. Peter’s church in Marienplatz.  Unfortunately, it was closed until 4:30. So, instead we ran around Munich and tried to squeeze in all the other famous Munich churches. We also made a quick pit stop at the tiny Jewish museum and synagogue in Munich.

Of note: Asam Church was not really a church.  Instead, it was the invention of two church interior designers  (our guide book termed them “Rococunuts” because of their love of rococo/baroque details) who created it to show off their work. Thus, it was stuffed full of details and absolutely incredible.

Also, the Jewish Synogogue was designed to look like the Western Wall, with the top looking like the tabernacle. I thought that was cool.

We finally made it back over to St. Peters church to climb the tower and get some pretty awesome views of Munich.

We ended our night at the famous beer garden, Hofbrauhaus. It was…an experience… to say the least.  Our guide book described it better I can: “While it’s grotesquely touristy and filled with sloppy backpackers and tour groups, it’s still a lot of fun-A Munich must. Even if you don’t eat here, check it out to see 200 Japanese people drinking beer in a German beer hall…across from a Hard Rock Cafe. Germans go for the entertainment-to sing “Country Roads,” see how Texas girls party, and watch tourists try to chug beer.” -Rick Steves, Germany 2013.

Yea. That’s pretty much what we saw too.  It was huge, with long tables, an oompa band, and people from all over the world trying to chug 1 liter mugs of beer.

While we both had a headache by the end, we were definitely glad we went.  We walked off our beer, enjoying the lovely Munich architectural details and listening to street music. Then, we headed back to the hotel and crashed, so we could enjoy the following, and last day, in Munich.



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