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Honeymoon 5: Neuschwanstein Castle, Zuspitz, Ettal Monastery, Oberammagau

We stayed overnight in Fussen and woke up early to pick up our reserved tickets to tour Neuschwanstein. Unfortunately, I ate my egg a little slow  (or maybe it’s that I was posing for photos?!)…

and we didn’t arrive to the ticket booth until 8:18, three minutes later then instructed.  In those three minutes, the line was already out the door for picking up reserved tickets and it seemed like we might lose our tickets.  G. and I were definitely stressed.

We didn’t get to the front of the ticket booth until 8:45, which definitely was NOT enough time to catch our 9:15 tour, given the hike to the castle. The person helping us was sympathetic to our cause and nice enough to simply move us to the 9:55 English tour. Perfect.

That gave us enough time to buy some water, hike, and take lots of pictures of the views from around Neuschwanstein Castle.

We couldn’t take photos from inside the castle, but it was very interesting. It wasn’t the rococo or baroque fanciness one would expect in a castle like Neuschwanstein, because Ludwig the III was obsessed with opera.  So, the castle is dedicated to Wagner, with murals of Wagner operas all over the walls…. Ludwig the III was an interesting dude, to say the least.

After a quick bite to eat, we headed over to Zugspitz, the highest point in Germany.  From Garmich, the little town at the base of the moutain, you take a train and then a cable car to the top.

At the top, G. climbed a precarious peak off of Zugspitz, which we both admitted was probably pretty stupid of him.  However, he didn’t fall to his death,  which was my fear, and had an awesome time climbing so, “all’s well that ends well!”

As we were trying to leave, we realized you had to reserve spots on the scenic cable car far in advance. We wouldn’t be able to get down the mountain for 2 more hours, until almost 6pm! This was a big “uh oh” because we had plans to see Ettal Monastery, get dinner at Oberammagau, AND we needed to drive to Munich, which was our final destination.

Thank goodness Zugspitz offered a shorter and less scenic cable car and a longer train ride (through a dark tunnel) option that you didn’t have to sign up for in advance. It may not have been as pretty, but we still got down the mountain in less time then we would have if we had signed up for the cable car.

We were also able to make it to Ettal Monastery before the rain started. It was a beautiful church.

It started pouring as we drove to Oberammagau.  Like thick, heavy, can’t see the car in front of you, rain. To G’s credit, he was able to navigate the windy, twisty, mountain roads and got us to Oberammagau at dinner time.  We walked around a little bit and window shopped, as all the stores were already closed  (Oberammagau is known for it’s wood work.  In all the windows were fantastic carved creations.) Then, we settled down for a nice cozy German dinner in a little restaurant.

Then (yes, this day continues!!) we drove to Munich, our final stop!!



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