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Honeymoon 4: Romantic Road & Hohenschwangau Castle

In the morning, G. and I woke up and went down to the free breakfast offered at our hotel.  Like the rest of Rothenberg, the breakfast was adorable. I mean, the table even had a little fake birds nest centerpeice.  After our hostess sat us down she brought over American flags and placed them on our table–maybe to make us feel more at home??  Or maybe to warn other tourists off??

Our breakfast consisted of the requisite slices of meat and cheese, bread, and vegetables.  Also, we had the BEST apple juice. So fresh and definitely no water or concentrate added. Apparently it was from local apples?!

Then, we finished up our time at Rothenberg by walking along the rampart walls…

…and going to St. Jakobs church to see the famous intricate wood carving, Altar of the Holy Blood (the 2nd of the wood carvings below. There were two in the church, but the Altar of the Holy Blood blows the first one out of the water by it’s intricacy and height. It’s over 30 feet high!!)

It was still fairly early after we explored St. Jakob’s church, so we headed over to Dinklesbuhl, another cute, but less touristy medieval town for lunch.   We got a long European lunch here, but this is the one place I’d wish we’d eaten less and explored a little more. It was pretty cute and we really only saw one church, St. George’s.

As a side note:  something G. and I both liked was that you could ask for a bottle of “gas” water at every meal.  Also, in Germany, you have to ask for water to come to your table?!

Because our lunch ended up being so long, and it was still 2 hours to our next hotel in Fussen, we decided to check into our hotel late, and go straight to Hohenschwangau Castle. If anything, we figured we could reserve tickets for the following morning.  The drive was gorgeous and it was clear when we were getting close to the castles!

We were lucky enough to get on the last English tour of Hohenschwangau Castle. And, we reserved a 9:15 am tour for Neuschwanstein Castle, with strict instructs to arrive no later then 8:15, to pick up our tickets.

Feeling good, we hiked up to Hohenschwangau Castle, which in itself lent to some incredible views and pictures.

Hohenschwangau Castle was the childhood hunting lodge  of Ludwig the III and built by his father, Luitpold.  A monastery had originally stood on the grounds in the medieval times.  It was not what I expected, actually. The interior was small and sort of homey, as royal dwellings go, meant just for the royal family and currently housing some of the gifts the royal family received.  The best part was Luitpold’s room. He had designed his ceiling to actually have a moon and stars shining, lit by gas lights above his ceiling.  Unfortunately, no pictures of the interiors. But, I was able to take one picture out of the window and you can see how gorgeous it is.

There were little unmarked tracks leading from Hohenschwangau Castle and G. insisted we try to hike around and see if we could find some vistas. And find some, we did….

We ended our night the way we ended all our nights. You guessed it…. dinner and beer! :-)



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