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Honeymoon 2: Frankfurt, Wurzburg

I spoke up in the morning, still groggy, but excited for my morning in Frankfurt. I only had a few hours before I had to meet G. at the airport, so I decided to visit in the Goethe House, rather than take on a larger, more unwieldy museum.

Here is what I learned about Goethe, the “German Shakespeare”.  He was born at the right time, in the right era, to the right family. He was born into a family that loved music (they had a dedicated music room), art (his father collected paintings), and travel (furniture pieces were from all over Europe).  And, he just managed to live in an era where poets and artists were highly venerated.  He was perfectly situated to become famous for his unique and unbridled writing and music talents. Anyways, gorgeous house.

After the Goethe House, I caught the train back to the Frankfurt airport where I met up with G. I was so glad to see him and to officially begin our honeymoon.

The first adventure began when we picked up our stick shift rental car. You see, G. had NEVER drive stick shift.  G. did great getting out of the parking space. But then we had to climb a huge hill to get out of the parking garage.   I really freaked out when he stalled on the hill!! We had cars honking behind us and every time he turned on the car we’d slide backwards!!!  I was starting to think we’d never make it out of the parking lot!

Luckily, G. figured out the gears after about 3 minutes of me sweating and then we realized we had about two feet between us and the highway. Oh lord.  Needless to say, G. did great!! We got on the highway with no problems and made it to Wurzburg with plenty of time to explore the town center and walk across the Old Bridge (Alte Main Brucke).

And, we even had a chance to climb to Marienberg Fortress and take pictures of Wurzburg, although it was too late to go inside.

We ended our first night together with G. getting an incredible beer, walking around Wurzburg, and ordering a very alcoholic ice scream out of an artsy fun menu.  It was perfect.



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