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Honeymoon 1: Frankfurt

With G. going to a conference in Germany, we impulsively decided to make a better-late-then-never honeymoon out of it!  Our plan was for me to fly out to Frankfurt (he arrived 5 days earlier), I would meet him at the airport and we’d drive down the romantic road, ending in Munch.  The trip was amazing and I can’t wait to  share my recaps.


After a comfortable flight from JFK, I arrived at Frankfurt Airport at what felt like 5:30am, although the clock and sunshine assured me it was 11:30am.

Determined to stay up through the day, I took the train to the main Frankfurt train station:

and dropped off my bags at my Frankfurt hotel and began my tour of Frankfurt.

I first popped into a corner sandwich shop to grab some lunch.   I’ve never seen a sandwich shop like this before. I took a tray and laid a sheet of paper on it.  I used tongs to take a sandwich out of a long display of sandwiches and then placed it directly onto my tray (pumpkin bread and brie yum yum) and stood in line to pay, like at a cafeteria.  The whole thing reminded me of IKEA, reducing staff and service and also reducing price, for a quick self serve experience.

Then, I began my walk about and took in the sites of the city.

The city was incredible.  So full of life, clean, and family friendly!  In front of the Opera House children were splashing in the fountain, there was an Italian food festival at Hauptwache Square, which, admittedly, was the LAST thing I expected to find in Germany!! And, there was a carnival along the water, complete with rides, music, and games.

At around 5:00pm, I felt totally exhausted and needed some quiet time. So, I wound my way back to the hotel, grabbed another sandwich and passed out at 8:00pm.

It was a great first day!



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