Drawing / Self Growth

Drawing Potential

Let’s all acknowledge  that I’m terrible at drawing without the concrete object in front of me.  I think (or hope) it’s because I’m so inexperienced. 8 weeks of drawing class doesn’t exactly leave you prepared to understand light and shadow well enough to re-create internal images.

But gosh darn-it, I’m going to try.

A few nights ago I was stuck with the idea that our awareness of our potential is more of a burden then a blessing.  It is a burden because it reminds us of who and what we could be if we could just accomplish A, B, & C…

I wanted to try and draw how I visualized it, in my mind. After several hours, I ended up with a person that felt more alive then dead, which was all I wanted anyhow. And she ended up having a pleasant sort of face, which made me feel hopeful. Even though I meant to portray potential as a burden, and even though it’s heavy, it seems like the girl in my drawing is just waiting to sit down and unpack her back and spread her beautiful potential-rubies all around.



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