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Finding Freedom

I live a small life.  I go to work and come home.  When I feel motivated, I apply for new jobs. In my evenings I go on walks and I watch t.v. Sometimes I pick up a drawing pad.   I think about my life a lot.

For what it’s worth, I don’t want anything more than my small life.  I know people who crave to travel or to learn new skills.  My yearnings are smaller, or bigger, maybe?  I’d like to feel free in myself, to not feel trapped in my consciousness.  I’d like to feel open and connected.  I’d like to feel like I’m living fully.

The closest I can get to that feeling of freedom is when I see something that strikes me as unique or beautiful.  It’s like something has knocked me upside the head and I’m able to be released from my internal monologue for just a few seconds.



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