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Window to the Soul: Selfies


Warning. This post is going to include a lot of photos of my face.

Also, do my eyes creep you out?? They creep a lot of people out because there are so many colors in them.

Also, I’m going to try and write down some ideas I have about “selfies” or photos taken of the self, by the self. Another warning. I don’t express myself very clearly sometimes, so bare with me and feel free to leave questions in the comments.

I was reading an article on NPR titled, “When Pop Stars Flirt with Bad Taste.”  It was a long, somewhat convoluted article.  However, it is worth the read, if only for a few, very well written, choice lines.

My favorite: “But….when the self become a selfie — when people start approaching themselves and others as things, to be posed, bartered or possessed, rather than as beings with rich and infinitely various inner lives —morality becomes destabilized, making it difficult to determine the difference between a playful risk and real one, or even between violation and fun.”

While I believe morality isn’t going to be destabilized by a few photos individuals take of themselves (at least I hope not!!), I do agree that selfies allow the person to see themselves as “things.”  It allows a person to look at themselves, as if they were separate from their own consciousness.

We all crave to see ourselves as others see us, to see and understand ourselves objectively.  It’s impossible to do this inside our heads; we are locked in.  But, photos allow us the freedom to take something we see and experience internally and make it external and solid. Through the crafting of selfies we can craft the internal self we’d like to see.

Unsurprisingly, I am the QUEEN of selfies. Not many people know how many photos I take of myself. But, for the sake of complete of transparency, I am going to post a good amount of them below.

I think, when I take photos of myself, I am allowing myself to become art, to become part of the beauty of this world. It helps me feel that I am real and valuable.  And, it’s a way of sharing myself and my expressions with the world. I often send these photos to friends or G., my husband.

I think that’s why, in light of this article and going back through all my selfies, that there is something artistic and interesting about taking photos of the same face, over and over again. It fascinates me. Like Monet painting the same bridge, over and over again, in different seasons and different lights.  Taking a singular object and making changes to it, to see it in a different light and in different ways.



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