Self Growth / Watercolor

Art: Beginner Detours

Tonight, I attempted to draw and paint another contour drawing.  I looked around my room to pick an object of significance that I would be inspired to draw and I thought–my phone!!  My phone is like an extension of my body. I never go anywhere without it.  Plus, I have a super cute, durable case that I bought on redbubble (It’s so hard for me to go on the website and not buy all the cases) which looks like a watercolor painting.  So, I thought, this will be a good exercise. Right?! Wrong!

This was my first contour drawing of the phone. You can see the angles are all wrong and I’m not at all getting the depth of the case, and how the phone sits snugly within…


So anyways, I tried to make a few corrections with the angles and try and paint it.


At this stage I was actually pretty happy with how the case portion looked, but something about the cord plugged into the iphone just looked. Wrong.  You can’t tell that it curves and it doesn’t have depth…

I futzed around with it for a bit and then tried to erase. Tried is the optimal word. It wouldn’t erase fully, no matter how hard I scrubbed!

Of course, looking at it with the miserable cord NOT gone I noticed a few other little details that were off.  The case comes too far up on the left side and it still doesn’t have the depth I’d like.


A little more futzing… this was my final product of the evening…


Every time I looked at the drawing, it felt like I was seeing something else fundamental that was off (like angles, shadowing)  and then, the eraser not working well was a total pain in the butt.

I think it’s still ok, as I’m still very much a beginner and I think it’s going to be a lot of touch and go for awhile.  I’m going to think it looks good, step back and see a million ways it’s off, and make those changes. That’s the learning process!


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