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Mystic Aquarium

G. and I decided to take a spontaneous road trip to Mystic Aquarium this weekend.

When we arrived at the Aquarium and realized that tickets were $30 each, I turned around and told G.,

“Screw it, let’s just walk through the town of Mystic. We don’t need to pay so much to see some fish”

But, G. convinced me. After all, we did drive all the way up, we might as well see the aquarium!

And I’m glad we did.  Before my visit to the aquarium, I would never have considered myself a fish person.  But, I was just astounded by the variety, color, and sizes of all the different fish. It was really incredible. And there were so many cool fish, fish that glowed in the dark, fish that sparkled, and fish that blended in with the rocks (just to name a few).

Afterwards we got dinner and ice scream in the town of Mystic. We watched the sun set and were lucky enough to watch the draw bridge rise.

Truly a perfect day




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