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Adventures in Art: Childhood Rose


Last night, I sat down to do a contour drawing.  A contour drawing is a drawing where the emphasis is on the lines.  So, this sort of drawing has minimal to no shading, and no emphasis on color value.

In picking objects to draw, Claire Watson Garcia suggests choosing a “beloved,” an object that draws you and has meaning.  I picked the above porcelain rose.   I’ve had this rose since I was very young. I remember it sitting on my dresser as a child, next to all my other knickknacks, my dolls, and stuffed animals.  I brought it with me to college, and it’s traveled with me every place since.  It’s small, fits snugly in a sock, and I think harkens back to the time in my life when I loved pink and everything pretty. (Yes, I was that girl who refused to wear pants).

I drew the rose from two angles:



And once I was done, I couldn’t help but think that it reminded me of a stain glass window rose.  I couldn’t resist adding in a bit of color :-p



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