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Stew Leonard’s


Have you heard of Stew Leonard’s?  Me neither, until today.  But, it is, by far, the most glorious, magical, grocery store, I have ever set foot in.


1. REAL ANIMALS outside of the store. Cows, sheep, goats, and chickens!!  And they look happy and well cared for.

2.  Singing BUTTER dioramas

3. A donut maker, so you can watch the hot, fresh donuts come off the assembly line

4. Taste testing. Cheese, chocolate pie, salads… I was able to eat lunch, simply walking through the store

5. Last but not least, soft serve ice cream as you exit. Yum Yum.

Of course, it was so overwhelming that I could never actually shop there and I was very impressed that my friend D. was able to do so. I mostly just took photos (of course!)  What I find so interesting about people is our obsession with organization, grouping, and creating neat and tidy shapes that fit together.  This is nowhere so apparent, as at a grocery store. So, you’ll see a few photos to that effect too.

Some of my favorites :-)  (the dark haired girl is my friend D. I am the blond one)



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