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Watercolor: Fly with Pride


No. Really.

I actually wasn’t thinking about the Supreme Court decision on DOMA when I designed this watercolor, but it certainly seems to fit. Maybe the news is filtering through my unconscious.

Oh, also, can you also tell I’m a beginning painter? What gives it away? The block colors perhaps?!

This is my second attempt with watercolors. I watched a tutorial on how to paint skies, but it seems I am at a disadvantage because I don’t have the right brushes. Apparently my ten dollar watercolor paint set from IKEA did not include BIG enough brushes to paint over large canvases.  Who would have thunk?  And here I thought IKEA included everything in their sets.  :-)

Taking photos, I noticed that the darker red on the bird did give it a sense of depth so I tried to go back and add darker colors, but unfortunately I don’t really have enough experience to know where to shade, so I don’t think it helped much.

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