Self Growth / Watercolor

Adventures with Watercolor

I was having one of those nights were I was just feeling sort of bla.  I’d been listening to people all day long, which I actually love. But, I had just reached that tipping point where it felt like there was more of other people inside of me then there was of me!

After a good cry, I decided to pull out my watercolor set and paint brush. You know, why not?!  I haven’t painted with watercolors since I was about 7 years old, but I’ve been admiring other peoples watercolor artwork lately.  And, given the fact that I  just wanted to play with color and get outside of my head a little bit, this seemed like the perfect medium.

As I started futzing around, I pretty much fell in love with watercolors.  I love how soft but bright the colors are. I love the way they blend together…  In fact, I decided I may just have found my medium of choice!



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