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I was taking my nightly walk, chatting with my friend on the phone, when I came across an enormously colorful hydrangea bush.

After I got off the phone, I backtracked to the bush to take photos.  I ended up spending about half an hour in some random persons yard crouched down and hovering over the flowers! I’m such a weirdo and I’m pretty sure I probably freaked out the neighbors!!

 But, I decided the hydrangea is one of the most beautiful flowers.  I was trying to figure out why I love them so much.  For one, the colors are so vibrant! But, you know how most flowers have this frail, sweet, look to them?  Not the hydrangea. The hydrangea flowers take up space and announce their presence with their bright colorful blossoms.  They are like the person at the party that everyone is drawn too because they have so much energy, and they let you know it through conversation and laughter!




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