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Drawing: Books

Sometimes when I come home from social activities, my mind is so wired that I want to run around the house, eat all of the peanut butter, and check every single social networking site I’m on…simultaneously!!

So, to calm myself down I decided to draw the two library books sitting on my hubby’s desk, that I have yet to read.

It was a challenging task.  For one, I am a beginner drawer, and the angles were very difficult.  I must have drawn and erased the outside lines about a million times.  Secondly,  the books are shades of light and dark. When I transitioned from the binder to the cover, the only thing that changed is the light and color.

Below is the final product (with all my oops lines :-))!

I was pretty pleased with out it turned out.  I’m not sure the shading is completely right, but I think you definitely get the feel that it’s a living, breathing, flexible book!



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